Devoe Offers Brochure On Marine And Corrosion Control Paints & Coatings

Devoe Marine Coatings Co., Division of Grow Group, Inc., has published a six-page color brochure that highlights the high-quality, technologically advanced marine and corrosion control coatings the company produces.

Titled "Full Speed Ahead With Devoe Marine Coatings Co.," the introduction informs us that as marine coatings specialists, the company manufactures a complete line of high-performance coatings for corrosion protection of every type of marine vessel and structure including ships, barges, drilling rigs, offshore production platforms, tugs, naval vessels and pleasure craft. Their extensive product line offers a coating for every area of the vessel— exterior hulls, cargo tanks, ballast tanks, chemical tanks, water tanks, sewage tanks, voids, decks, interior spaces and offshore equipment. Devoe's Research and Development Laboratory, located in Louisville, Ky., is described as a complex where scientists, chemists, and technicians constantly analyze the corrosion, service requirements and application problems of the marine community, resulting in the contin- uous development of high performance coating formulations to address the needs of the marine and offshore industries. The epoxy resin was invented by Devoe chemists. Among product lines discussed are the high performance Devran marine coatings systems; Catha- Coat high quality inorganic zinc coatings; the ABC-AF system of ablative antifouling coatings; the Bar Rust product line that provides economic corrosion control in situations where grit blasting is impractical or too costly; and the Devflex line of fire-retardant, water-based enamels.

The company's "Supply and Apply" service is explained as a concept where Devoe Marine is designated as the prime contractor by the owner or shipyard, with Devoe furnishing the coating material and application service. The significant benefits to the customer include a complete turnkey project from initial survey to final inspection and guarantee; the concept is applicable to a single task maintenance contract or to a long-term maintenance situation.

Devoe's commitment to safety, health and environmental protection is emphasized with the coal tarfree "coal tar epoxy" product line that eliminates the carcinogenic exposure risks associated with coal tar resins, and in a number of other products developed by the company. A listing by name of high performance specialty coatings for commercial, offshore, and military use is included in the publication, along with photographs and drawings that complement the text.

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