CDI Marine Appoints Smith And Dodson

cdi marine appoints
smith and dodson

Donald W. Jett, executive vice president of CDI Marine Company, recently announced the appointments of John S. (Steve) Smith and Clinton Dodson.

Mr. Smith is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and has a Master of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from the Naval Post Graduate School.

He was an Engineering Duty Officer in the Navy holding positions as shipyard repair superintendent, combat systems superintendent, and design superintendent. He retired with the rank of captain.

Mr. Smith is currently serving as chairman of the Sections Committee for ASNE. Mr. Dotson recently joined CDI as naval architecture division manager, Jacksonville office, with additional duties as chief naval architect of CDI.

Mr. Dotson has a Structural Designers Certificate from the Newport News Apprentice School and a B.S. degree in naval architecture and marine engineering from the University of Michigan.

He has served as vice chairman and chairman of the Southeast section of SNAME and is a member of ASNE.

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